Clecos are plier operated, spring loaded fasteners. These temporary fasteners, originally designed for the "Aerospace" industry, are the way to go if your working with sheet metal panels. Clecos temporarily hold the material in place until it is ready to be fastened permanently. Many car builders have hung complete bodies with clecos before ever using any permanent fastening. Also shown in the image above are Wing-Nut style and Side-Grip style. Wing-Nut style is recommended for applications where high clamping force is required and can provide up to 300 lbs.clamping force. Side-Grip clamps are designed to clamp at the edge of the work area and are ideal for all types of materials. We stock these popular styles and sizes listed below. There are MANY OTHER styles and sizes available, please contact us for more information. Made in U.S.A.

Clecos are color coded:
1/8" (#30) - copper colored
3/16" (#10) - brass colored

Cleco Kit (40 clecos 1/8" or 3/16" plus 1 plier), $25.00
Cleco Pliers only, $7.50
only (1/8" or 3/16"), $0.50 each

1/8" Wing Nut Style, 0-1/2" grip range, $3.00
1/8" Wing Nut Style
, 0-1" grip range, $3.50
3/16" Wing Nut Style
, 0-1/2" grip range, $3.00
3/16" Wing Nut Style
, 0-1" grip range, $3.50
1/4" Wing Nut Style
, 0-1" grip range, $4.75

Side Grip Style, 0-3/4" range x 1" deep, $2.50