NEW!!!  Hydraulic Tube/Pipe Notcher

NEW!!! Hydraulic Tube/Pipe Notcher


the new lowbuck hydraulic tube and pipe notcher is finally here. using the foundation of the very well proven manual notcher the hydraulic version is built to last. with the addition of the hydraulic ram and a 10,000 psi air/hydraulic pump the notcher is effortless to operate. now you can stand back and notch a tube in seconds by stepping on the pump. the pump can be operated with everything from a small house compressor to a large shop compressor with anything over about 40 plus psi the more psi the faster the operation. if you want to use it on a job site it can even be operated from a compressed bottle. with dies that last thousands of cuts this tool will improve quality and production time for your operation helping you save money all the way around. for the listed price the kit includes all items including pump necessary to get to work immediately.